Book Reviews

Most executives I know have a stack of unread books and no time to read them. Here, I offer you a 50x time compressor, with 3- to 5-minute videos summarizing each book’s key points and how to put them into action. I welcome both your feedback, and your suggestions on other innovation books you would like me to review.


As an innovation practitioner, I created Top Dog Advisory to help enterprises free-up cash and drive better commercial performance from their innovation investments.

I look forward to having a conversation with you on any topic related to your Innovation Path℠.

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The Invincible Company
How to build an enduring company that has innovation at its core
Good Strategy Bad Strategy
How to craft a strategy that defeats your competition
The Lean Startup
The quintessential book for improving your chances of innovation success
New to Big
Transform your company with a Growth OS that integrates innovation with your core business
Zero to One
Discover market secrets to build a monopoly, creating long-term durability from new products
High Output Management
Andy Grove’s insightful manager’s guide to create a responsive company
Radical Uncertainty
Why probability leads to bad innovation decisions and outcomes