Why Top Dog Advisory

With me as your player-coach, you and your team will exceed your innovation goals of cost take-out or market growth

With rolled-up sleeves, I actively coach your teams to achieve faster and larger results at every step across the innovation path. Here are seven examples of how I’ve helped clients diagnose their innovation problems and achieve their business goals.

Serial entrepreneur leading three software start-ups to success

I spent over eight years in three software startups, raising capital and leading product, marketing, brand, and sales. All three start-ups crossed the chasm and became commercial successes in their target markets because of my team's tenacity and single-purpose vision.

Research Scientist & Development Engineer creating a new market

I spent six years creating a new printing technology that I refined for low-cost, high-volume manufacturing. The product defined a new market and became an overwhelming financial success, based on the tight integration of my technology team with the sales and marketing teams in the company.

Chief Product Officer beating the competition and widening the gap against them

For a global hardware/software company, I defined product and service offerings for office automation growing to the number one position against entrenched competitors in both the global imaging and email markets.

Innovation Consultant for over 10 years, driving oversized business performance

As a consultant to companies across a variety of industries, I have helped clients free up cash; get better commercial outcomes from their current products; find stellar ideas bouncing around their R&D Labs, productize them and bring them to market; and helped them create an innovation culture across the company that substantially improved their commercial performance.

Innovation is a fast-paced action sport, and I will interactively guide your team as they make their critical high-speed, high-value decisions

We will use time to our advantage, starting immediately. I’ll teach your teams how to use innovation-specific tools such as the Build/Measure/Learn cycle, OKRs, and a Power Law approach to portfolio management.

I will work side by side with you to put innovation at the core of your business model, leveraging the power of your business to land the largest outcomes

Together, we will redesign how your company conceives, builds, and scales up innovation, connecting your talent into high-powered teams. Your employees will be rejuvenated as their passion for achieving the impossible is ignited.